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Our working languages are Spanish, English and Portuguese and we provide the following services:

Technical translations
General translations
Website translation and localization
Translation of handbooks, newsletters, press releases and articles
Software localization

Fields of expertise

Telecommunications, wireless, telephony, protocols, cell phones
Internet, e-commerce
Electronics, IT, computers, hardware, networking
Software localization, user manuals
Semiconductor and components
Electrical engineering, power generation, transmission and distribution
Engineering: general, industrial, mechanical, construction, metrology
Automotive, cars & other vehicles
Manufacturing, automation & robotics, machinery & tools
Furniture, household appliances
Security and access control systems
Textiles, clothing, fashion, cosmetics, beauty
Medicine, health care, informed consents, medical instruments & devices
Food & dairy, nutrition, cooking, gastronomy
Advertising, public relations, journalism
Human resources, marketing, market research
Media, multimedia, entertainment, photography, tourism & travel


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